5 New Upcoming Binance Listings Rumored for 2023

Sep 29, 2023


Rumors of potential new listings on the Binance cryptocurrency exchange are increasing as the year 2023 progresses. 

This post looks at five potential cryptocurrencies that could be listed on the Binance exchange by the end of 2023. 

Wall Street Memes leverages the power of meme culture to challenge traditional financial institutions. With growing popularity, WSM Coin will list on Binance soon. 

Wall Street Memes

YPRED is an AI-powered platform providing analytics tools for traders and SEO professionals. It provides analysis of market sentiment, AI-driven buy/sell signals, and more. 

yPredict (YPRED) 

Psyop is a new meme coin that aims to deliver large returns to early investors. It was launched to capitalize on the surge of interest in meme cryptocurrencies. 

Psyop (PSYOP)

Chimpzee provides Web3-based tools to assist charities in protecting animals and tropical rainforests. Chimpzee offers a Shop2Earn store, Trade2Earn NFT marketplace, and more. 

Chimpzee (CHMPZ) 

BTC20 is an Ethereum-based token that pays homage to Bitcoin while providing a staking protocol that rewards holders with tokenized rewards. 

BTC20 (BTC20)

We suggest our readers do their maximum research, and analysis before making any investment in any digital assets.